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The fields above are all in place to help publish your article effectively, you can hover over they little 'question mark images' to get some information on what these areas are for. You can also organise your articles into categories using the top input area.

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This area here is to add your main content to the article, it works like Microsoft Word and has a toolbar at the top to help you format the text and place in your pictures. You can also copy and paste text into this area from other software and re-format it to suit your site. Again, you can hover over all the tools above for a description of what they are.

The headings and font styles are set above using the dropdown menu to the left of the tool bar. And this is how the normal body text of an article appears.

Below we have inserted an image using the little 'framed picture' button on the tool bar above. You can resize the image by clicking on it and using the anchor points to stretch it (use shift key to keep proportions). Or double click on it to edit it's size and position.

Happy blogging and don't forget to contact us if you have any problems.

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