It's great to be back on the web page, after a bit of a hiatus this year, for all sorts of reasons! We are still here (annoying for some I know!!) and raring to go next year when we are all totally safe and back to "normal".

We are currently running our 30 + year history of the band on our Facebook page, since last April, and it is already packed with video, audio, images, stories and all recollections from our extensive archive, this is set to continue for some time to come, as we are only now going into 2002! We hope to bring this content to this site soon as well. If you go to you can scroll through everything that is there to date and much of the video content is available at YouTube as well!

Also bass player Dougie Hunter has been presenting a radio series based on his own personal musical history titled "From Ozzy to Onnie" on K107FM. This series has a huge and varied musical content, along with stories, anecdotes, individual musicians contributions and a good slice of LOBN into the bargain! The series is also being podcast at lintonlanecentre/podcasts

Stay tuned to the digital content while we all get up and running again, and of course, beyond, when there will be all things new, some more things old, and a few in between.

Best from all at LOBN, and stay safe and well. 

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